WEBINAR: Distil Networks 2017 Bad Bot Report -- 6 High Risk Lessons for Website Defenders

February 21, 2017

Did you know that 16.1% of bad bots now masquerade as mobile devices? Or that bad bot traffic is up 36.43% on the world’s largest site since 2015?

Distil Networks has produced their fourth annual Bad Bot Report. It is the IT security industry's most in-depth analysis on the sources, types, and sophistication levels of 2016’s bot attacks -- and there are serious implications for anyone responsible for securing websites and APIs. 

Bad bots are expanding at an epidemic rate creating a scourge across the Internet. Bots are the primary culprits behind widespread attack vectors including web scraping, competitive data mining, account takeovers, transaction fraud, unauthorized vulnerability scans, spam, man-in-the-middle attacks, digital ad fraud, API abuse, and application denial of service. 

Join David Monahan, research director of security and risk management at leading IT analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), and Rami Essaid, CEO of Distil Networks, as they dive into the data to reveal:

  • 6 high-risk threats every IT security pro must protect against
  • The top Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Automated Threats you need to start tracking right now
  • How bad bot activity varies based on your industry and your vulnerability profile
  • The worst offending bad bot countries, ISPs, mobile operators, and hosting providers

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Date: Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Time: 10:00 AM Pacific / 1:00 PM Eastern

Bonus: All registrants will receive a copy of Distil Networks 2017 Bad Bot Landscape Report, presentation slides, and a copy of the EMA White Paper: Bot Defense: Insights Into Basic and Advanced Techniques for Thwarting Automated Threats (a $99 value).



Niels Henrik SodemannDavid Monahan

David is a senior information security executive with several years of experience. He has organized and managed both physical and information security programs, including security and network operations (SOCs and NOCs) for organizations ranging from Fortune 100 companies to local government and small public and private companies. He has diverse audit and compliance and risk and privacy experience such as providing strategic and tactical leadership to develop, architect, and deploy assurance controls; delivering process and policy documentation and training; and working on educational and technical solutions.


Rami EssaidRami Essaid

Rami Essaid is the CEO and Co-founder of Distil Networks, the first easy and accurate way to identify and police malicious website traffic, blocking 99.9% of bad bots without impacting legitimate users. With over 15 years in telecommunications, network security, and cloud infrastructure management, Rami continues to advise enterprise companies around the world, helping them embrace the cloud to improve their scalability and reliability while maintaining a high level of security.


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