5 Bot Mitigation Techniques to Try on Your Ecommerce Site

July 28, 2014 Courtney Brady

Bots can pose a big threat to an ecommerce site, giving competitors access to proprietary product and pricing information, decreasing conversions, and slowing down site speed across the board. Fortunately, there are a number of bot mitigation techniques you can implement to safeguard your site and your business.

Want to try your hand at bot mitigation? Here are a few ways to get started:

  1. Install bot detection and protection software. Install software that can detect bad bots before they access your site. Make sure the software has the ability to flag these bots, as well as block them from your site or redirect them to alternate content.
  2. Keep a bot database. Once you’ve started detecting and blocking bad bots, always keep a detailed database of each bot you’ve encountered. This will help safeguard your site from future attacks.
  3. Add CAPTCHAs and honeypots to all forms. One of the most common bot actions is form and comment spam. Fortunately, these can easily be prevented by installing CAPTCHAs, which cannot be completed by non-human bots. If CAPTCHAs don’t sit well with you, you can also try honeypots, which catch bots red-handed when they try to submit a form.
  4. Do a regular sweep for duplicate content. On a monthly basis, use a plagiarism detection site to look for duplicate versions of your content on the web. If you see your images, copy or pricing information elsewhere online, then you’ll need to invest in some stronger bot prevention tools.
  5. Watch your PPC campaigns and competitors carefully. Monitor your PPC campaigns for any unusual activity, such as dwindling budgets, lower conversion rates or significantly higher CPCs. These could all be indicative that fraud bots have been clicking on your ads. You’ll also want to check competitor sites regularly to ensure they’re not using your content, copy, images or product information.

Want a bot mitigation technique that really works? Then try Distil Networks. We’re experts in bot detection, mitigation and prevention, and we can help your company. Call us now to get started. 


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Courtney Brady

Courtney Brady is the Director of Marketing at Distil Networks. She comes to Distil Networks from a variety of start-up companies, routed in SaaS and DaaS solutions. Formerly the global communications manager at multiple companies, Courtney is responsible for developing the company’s marketing strategy and branding campaign.

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