5 Steps You Can Take to Protect Website Content and Pricing

October 22, 2014 Courtney Brady

Web bots and scrapers are huge threats to any site that has unique or proprietary content. They can steal images, scrape data, and use those stolen items for their own personal gain.

Fortunately, there are ways you can protect website content and keep your data from being used without your consent. Follow these five steps:

  1. Include a copyright policy on your site. The first thing you should do is write up a comprehensive copyright policy. This should assert your legal standing as the owner and creator of all content housed on your site.
  2. Set up Google alerts for your content. Go to Google Alerts, and set up an alert for a unique sentence or phrase from each page of your site. If these phrases show up anywhere else on the web, Google will immediately alert you via email.
  3. Run your content through plagiarism prevention software. Programs like Copyscape and TinEye can search the web for any images, copy or media, which may have been plagiarized from your site. If you want to protect your website content from theft, try to use these at least once a month.
  4. Disallow highlighting, copying and pasting. On WordPress, there’s a plug-in called WP-Copyprotect that allows you to lock your content in place. Then nothing can be highlighted or copy and pasted without your permission. If your site is not made with WordPress, a programmer can help you alter your site’s code to do the same thing.
  5. Use Distil Networks. Our bot-blocking technology can help prevent theft bots from ever accessing your site, and can help keep your pricing, content, images and other data secure.

Do you want to protect website content from bots and scrapers? Then contact Distil Networks today. Our cutting-edge solutions can help you stop content theft in its tracks. 

About the Author

Courtney Brady

Courtney Brady is the Director of Marketing at Distil Networks. She comes to Distil Networks from a variety of start-up companies, routed in SaaS and DaaS solutions. Formerly the global communications manager at multiple companies, Courtney is responsible for developing the company’s marketing strategy and branding campaign.

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