Advanced Hi-Def Fingerprinting to Prevent Automated Threats

March 23, 2017 Jaweed Metz

With malicious bot threats proliferating, security professionals need to better understand the defenses available to protect their web properties and the valuable assets they contain.

Bot detection starts with interrogating the initial device connection in real-time to determine if the client is a legitimate human or a bot. Detecting and removing bad bots requires a high degree of accuracy.

In order to identify devices with precision, fingerprinting may be applied to the device and user. This is achieved by submitting an escalating set of queries and challenges to the client to gather more detail about aspects of the host and user.

Basic fingerprinting uses attributes like client IP address, hostname, and browser version. Advanced hi-def device fingerprinting goes beyond IP and header-centric identification by actively pulling additional data from the browser to identify devices with precision. This approach minimizes false positives, creates a clearer picture of web traffic and provides greater accuracy.

Leading IT research firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) recently released the Bot Defense white paper providing a unique perspective for preventing automated threats. The paper examines the significant problems businesses face from what OWASP has classified as automated threats. Details on basic and advanced fingerprinting used to detect and mitigate bot fraud are discussed.

To learn more about basic and advanced techniques for thwarting automated threats download the EMA Bot Defense white paper.

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