An Overview of Distil Networks from our CEO

October 18, 2016 Bobby Power

An Overview of Distil Networks from our CEO

Got a few minutes? In this short video, our CEO will explain to you how Distil Networks works, how we are different, and a few customer use cases.

Distil Networks protects your web applications from bad bots, API abuse, and fraud. Automated threats, are bad bots, and are being used by hackers and fraudsters to exploit your web applications. Whether it’s account takeovers, unauthorized vulnerability scans, testing stolen credit cards, or denial of service attacks bringing down your site - bots are being leveraged by the bad guys to attack you at scale. 20% of all of your web traffic is made up of bad bots and most clients can’t tell the difference between humans and bots.

Distil Networks is the first easy and accurate way to detect and mitigate bad bots. With an easy-to-install in-line proxy, we’re able to detect over 99% of bot attacks with little or no false positives. And with both cloud and physical or virtual appliance options, Distil can be easily deployed no matter what your infrastructure looks like.

Going beyond IP-centric bot detection with Hi-Def Fingerprinting

We started by divorcing ourselves from an IP to track and identify malicious users. Instead, we create a device fingerprint to identify a bad bot no matter what IP it’s coming in from. Unlike every other security device that has to constantly play the game of IP Whack-A-Mole, we catch a bad bot once and can track it no matter where it’s coming from around the globe.

Community-sourced database of known violators

We then aggregate the knowledge of every malicious fingerprint that we’ve identified across our network so we don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Once we identify a bad bot for one particular customer, that knowledge is instantly aggregated across the globe in minutes. Security shouldn’t be done in isolation and at Distil we have the largest community of customers working together to block bad bots.

Proactive defense via pre-access detection and challenges, and post-access behavioral modeling

Most importantly, security shouldn’t be reactive. At Distil, we don’t wait for a malicious actor to do something bad before we identify and block them. We use machine learning to predict when a connection’s going to be malicious and intercept that traffic. We then challenge it with a test to measure whether or not it’s truly a bot. If it passes the test, then the connection goes through. But when it fails the test we know we’ve prevented an attack and we’re able to apply those algorithms more broadly. This serves as a feedback mechanism into the system to allow it to continue to self learn.

Protecting hundreds of enterprises

We’re protecting hundreds of enterprises against automated threats. So let’s take a look at a couple customer examples.

easyJet, one of Europe’s largest airlines, was having their brand diluted and losing customers due to aggregator bots. Using Distil’s appliance, they’ve been able to put a stop to all competitive aggregation and scalping.

We helped Whitepages reduce its workload on customer service and dev ops by 20%.

These are just a couple of our success stories. Distil helped GuideStar save 20 hours a week of IT time. We helped Manta reduce overall costs by 35% a year. Distil helped TravelBrands increase uptime and reduce CDN usage costs by 65%. We helped Lamudi’s IT staff save over 30 hours each week.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about the automated threat. If you're interested in learning on how Distil can help you improve your security posture and block bad bots, contact us today.

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Bobby comes to Distil Networks as a technical writer with previous software documentation experience in both the public and private sectors. He is responsible for working with Distil’s Product Marketing team to develop detailed documentation and online help, including Knowledge Base articles, in-app help, user guides, and more. He spends his free time with his wife, son, daughter, and dog, and writes for a few music outlets, including AdHoc, Decoder Magazine, Thump/Vice, and Creative Loafing.

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