Bot Protection And Stopping Bots in Their Tracks

August 18, 2014 Courtney Brady

Bot Protection And Stopping Bots In Their Tracks

After learning about the dangers of web bots and how they can hurt your website, your sales and your business as a whole, you’ll likely want to take every precaution possible to stop a bot attack. While there are some steps you can take on your own (like implementing CAPTCHAs on forms, for example), the best solutions are wide-ranging and comprehensive ones, like programs that monitor bot activity, track bot strings and block them every step of the way.

How to Choose a Bot Protection Solution

There are a number of bot protection and prevention solutions on the market, especially as the number of bad bots continues to grow. In order to ensure your site and business is as protected as possible, it’s important to choose the best possible one to represent your site.

When evaluating bot protection solutions, you’ll want to look for these items:

  • Stopping Bots on Different Levels – A truly comprehensive bot prevention tool won’t just offer one or two layers of protection for your site, but will employ a wide range of methods. They’ll check bad bot databases, have the ability to distinguish between good bots (Google, Yahoo, etc.) and bad bots, and filter out malicious IP addresses, referrers and users from questionable locations.
  • A thorough database – The key to a great bot protection solution lies in its database – its file of known bot strings, spiders and crawlers that could attack your site. The database should include a detailed fingerprint of each bot, so they can be detected immediately when an attack is imminent. The best bot protection solutions should offer a database that catalogs millions of known bots.
  • Stopping Bots of All Kinds – If you really want to protect your website, then you’ll need a solution that targets not just one type of bot, but all of them. An effective bot protection tool should protect against content theft and duplication, click fraud, traffic fraud, comment spam and any other attacks a bot could deliver.

You can find efficient, comprehensive solutions for blocking and stopping bots and protecting your website with Distil Networks. Distil’s protection tools eliminate content theft, stop fraud bots, and alert you to any and all potential attacks; in fact, Distil identifies 99.9% of bot page requests in real time. To learn more about Distil Networks, visit or contact the Distil team today


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