Bot Traffic is Still Ruining Your Google Analytics

May 17, 2017 Kyle Gaudreau

Over the years, every analytics conference I have attended talks about making better decisions by looking at data in the right way. We all know it is important to ask the right questions from the data set you are analyzing. But the challenge nearly all marketers face with the modern internet is they have few solutions to identify and block bot traffic from their reporting.

How can you make accurate decisions if 20% or more of your traffic is bots? Your A/B tests could lead to choosing the wrong winner, your skewed conversion rates could cause you to shift budgets from an effective strategy, and your site engagement metrics could cause to focus on optimizing the wrong content. 

What About Google Analytics' Bot Filter?

The reality is that Google is only able to catch one percent of bot traffic that hits most sites. The sophistication of bots has grown rapidly. It is now common for bots to mimic human behavior and that is a key challenge to Google's ability to identify bots.

Various tips and tricks have been developed to make up for these shortcomings, but they can be complicated and relatively ineffective overall. That is why Distil is so excited to be offering a free and easy to implement solution: Distil Bot Discovery for Google Analytics.

Discover and Exclude Bot Traffic

Bot Discovery will allow any website to see bot reporting directly in Google Analytics by simply firing a simple JavaScript tag. You can then choose to apply custom segments to show/exclude bots or create a custom view that filters all bots out altogether. 

Armed with accurate Google Analytics reports that filter out bot data, you can now make better business decisions. For the very first time, you can:

  • Determine which channels and campaigns are being hit the hardest by bots and wasting advertising dollars
  • See true human traffic trends of key channels such as organic search
  • Better understand the content your users truly care about
  • Identify the forms and pages where bots are skewing conversion rates the most
  • Prove the quality of traffic to advertisers and ad verification companies

In a matter of minutes you can see the scale of the bot problem on your website. It only takes a few simple steps to set-up. I hope you enjoy the knowledge this gives you!

Learn more about getting clean, bot filtered Google Analytics reports here.


About the Author

Kyle Gaudreau

As Director of Digital Marketing, Kyle oversees Distil’s digital acquisition strategy. Kyle spent most of his years on the agency side where he led high-performing marketing teams managing clients ranging from large B2C brands to B2B SaaS startups.

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