CDN Alternatives: Why Distil Networks is the Best

April 24, 2014 Andrew Stein

When it comes to CDN alternatives, you have a lot of options. At Distil Networks, our CDN (content delivery network) offers a unique balance between affordability, quality and power, so you get the most effective, budget-friendly content delivery solution possible.

Compared to other CDN alternatives, Distil Networks can offer you:

  • Speed – We offload the stress on your servers, and route your traffic through more than 16 different geographic locations, so content can be delivered from the nearest end point for each user. This improves your site’s overall performance and speed, and can help increase your conversions, boost your SEO rankings and enhance your customer satisfaction.
  • Scalability – Our CDN alternative automatically increases bandwidth and infrastructure as needed. That means when you experience a spike in usage, you’re always able to accommodate the change with ease and continue delivering a fast, powerful experience for each and every one of your users.
  • Redundancy & Caching – Even when your primary server goes offline, your customers will always be able to access the content they need, thanks to our redundant data centers and Anycast routing. Our network boasts automatic fail-over, a fault-tolerant routing scheme and multi-homed networks to deliver the content your users need anytime.
  • Caching and backup – We leverage RAM and SSD technologies to offer microcaching of dynamic content, offline caching, mixed-server caching and backup services. This ensures your content is always accessible, even when your server goes offline.

Are you currently evaluating CDN alternatives for your organization? Consider Distil Networks. Our solution can offer you the speed, scalability and affordability you need to deliver a great experience for your users every time. Contact us today to learn more or to get started. 

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Andrew Stein

Andrew Stein is Distil's Co-Founder and Chief Scientist. Getting his start running a large online kids’ game, Andrew took his passion for web development to NC State where he became the Senior Web Developer for the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Working on everything from identity management programs to digital signage systems, Andrew has run into a little bit of everything and is always eager for new challenges.

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