Distil Networks Built Using NGINX | NGINX Bot Detection

November 8, 2018 Katherine Oberhofer

Distil Networks uses NGINX bot detection as a core technology component. The following case study highlights why NGINX was chosen.

The Problem

The theft of web-based information is a problem in the online world. Distil Networks offers security against bots which can steal sensitive data or even entire databases. With a significant number of malicious bots crawling the web every second of every day, the focus of Distil is to keep them out of customer sites. Period.

The Solution

NGINX. NGINX is used as a reverse proxy, Distil Networks have the ability to bring incoming traffic to a to a single layer where actions are taken and HTTP packets can be inspected. Deep configurable and extensible inner – workings of NGINX are brought to tackle the issue.
The use of NGINX as a caching layer in addition to a reverse proxy has allowed Distil to enhance web page loading times for end users. A fast storage medium such a RAM disk, for example, allows NGINX to quickly serve information from memory.

Andrew Stein, co-founder and chief scientist of Distil Networks explains how NGINX’s ability to serve pages back fast and to have adequate extensibility which aids Distil to help make decisions which he claims are ‘invaluable’.

The Results

The entire network of Distil is built on top of NGINX. Stein explained how NGINX is a backbone layer to the network as other web servers that were looked at or were introduced to did not have the extensibility, speed or ability NGINX does. The reliability and speed of NGINX was the main draw for Stein and his team.

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