Gartner Market Guide for Online Fraud Detection

October 18, 2016 Elias Terman

Gartner published their Market Guide for Online Fraud Detection to provide fraud managers and web infrastructure teams with insight into the market. Here’s a link to their 2016 report: Gartner Market Guide for Online Fraud Detection.

Gartner’s latest Market Guide for Online Fraud Detection is a great asset to provide fraud managers, as well as web infrastructure and  security teams with greater insight into the market.

It’s interesting to note that Gartner used to publish a Magic Quadrant for web fraud detection, but the market became so fragmented that they started doing a Market Guide instead. Prospects and customers sometimes ask, “Where does Distil Networks fit into the Gartner Magic Quadrant?” Well, there is no magic quadrant for Bot Detection and Mitigation… yet. But we’re honored to be the only bot detection vendor to be included in the Market Guide two-years running.

Gartner defines the market as vendors that help stop the use of stolen data and information, not the theft itself. Distil Networks actually does stop online fraud in that we prevent brute force login attacks, man-in-the-middle attacks, account hijacking, carding, click fraud and web scraping.

Another characteristic of Online Fraud Detection vendors is their ability to detect online fraud as transactions occur in real time or near real time. In our vernacular, this is what we call proactive bot detection and mitigation (keyword being proactive). This is a key differentiator for Distil Networks and perhaps the reason why you don’t see any Web Application Firewall vendors in this report (as their detection model is primarily rules-based).

In last year’s report Gartner recognized that one of the key attack trends was fraudsters spreading their attacks over thousands of IP addresses. That’s why you’ll often hear us touting the importance of going beyond basic IP-centric approaches to bot detection and mitigation.

Also, in last year’s report, Gartner highlighted Distil Networks for its ability to identify and police human, good bot (e.g., Google and Bing) and bad bot website traffic, and for preventing attempts to fraudulently leverage automated bots to imitate human Web actions. 

This year, Gartner highlighted Distil Networks’ ability to use behavioral profiling, browser validation, device fingerprinting, and community-sourced threat intelligence, among other techniques, to detect malicious traffic, which customers can then choose to monitor, use CAPTCHA or block in real time.

Thanks, Gartner!

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