Cyber Security Threat Series: Healthcare eBook

March 10, 2017 Jaweed Metz

Healthcare institutions are regarded as soft targets and vulnerable to attack from sophisticated threat actors. Healthcare organizations are also under pressure to comply with a wide range of international medical privacy and payment regulations.

Driven by the lucrative profits that medical patient records provide on the darkweb, threat actors are deeply motivated to steal online patient account credentials, personally identifiable information (PII) and financial records.

Bots have evolved over the years and healthcare institutions have seen malicious bad bots undertake nefarious activities such as brute force account takeovers, price and content web-scraping and probing online applications for vulnerabilities. Automated threats directed primarily at the healthcare industry as defined by the OWASP handbook are summarized.

Learn more in our Cyber Security Threat Series: Healthcare eBookhow adversaries use bad bots for web scraping, credential cracking, account takeover and online fraud and the solutions healthcare IT professionals can deploy to protect their websites from these attacks.

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Jaweed Metz

Jaweed Metz is the Director of Product Marketing at Distil Networks. Prior to Distil, Jaweed has a variety of marketing B2B experience with leading Enterprise (Cisco, HP Enterprise Security) and successful start-ups (Netsys Technologies, Motive) in Corporate, Product Marketing and Strategic Partnership Alliances. Jaweed is responsible for product positioning and messaging, sales enablement tools and content and developing and driving marketing strategy. He is also responsible for creating compelling content that resonates with customers such as blog posts, customer success stories, infographics, datasheets and white papers to help drive lead generation activities for the company.

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