How Distil Helps You Protect Website Content from Theft

September 1, 2014 Courtney Brady


If your company has a website or online store, then it’s absolutely crucial you do everything you can to protect your website content. If you’re not careful, theft bots can easily steal your content, sell it to your competitors, and hurt your business in the process. Fortunately, Distil Networks’ bot detection solutions can help you prevent that from happening. With Distil on your side, you can protect website content from theft and safeguard your company’s performance.

  • We stop the big three: bot attacks, web scraping and screen scraping. Bots and scrapers are the most common ways content is stolen. Our tools help not only detect these intruders when they try to access your site, but also prevent them from attacking, too.
  • We prevent price scraping. We can also prevent price scrapers from pulling proprietary product and price information from your site. Often, these scrapers will steal your data and give your competitors access to your product info, price schedules and more, giving them a leg up in your marketplace. Because of this, it’s essential to stop price scraping.
  • We speed up your site and content delivery. Distil can also help you deliver your content more efficiently and distribute your traffic loads, so page loading times are fast and hassle-free. This isn’t just great for customer satisfaction; it also improves SEO efforts, as search engines weigh page loading times heavily in search rankings.
  • We stop data aggregation. Data aggregation is another way your content gets stolen. Aggregators scan your content, copy it and use it to earn a profit on their own sites – stealing business away from you in the process. Our tools can protect your content from data aggregation, and ensure it’s not stolen or used for any purposes other than what you intended.

Want to protect website content from theft? Then consider the tools from Distil Networks. Contact us today to learn more or to get started.

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Courtney Brady

Courtney Brady is the Director of Marketing at Distil Networks. She comes to Distil Networks from a variety of start-up companies, routed in SaaS and DaaS solutions. Formerly the global communications manager at multiple companies, Courtney is responsible for developing the company’s marketing strategy and branding campaign.

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