How Website Content Protection Improves Your SEO

May 22, 2014 Courtney Brady

Protecting your website content isn’t just for copyright and branding purposes; it can actually play a huge role in furthering your SEO efforts. In fact, with adequate website content protection on your side (like from Distil Networks,) you can actually improve your search engine rankings significantly and increase the exposure your company and site gets on the web.

Don’t believe us? Here are just a few of the ways website content protection can improve your site’s SEO:

  • Keeps other sites from using your content, copy and images – When other sites steal your content and post it as their own, this creates what’s known as “duplicate content” in the SEO world. Search engines see duplicate content as a low-quality, spam-ridden way of getting more traffic, and they make great efforts to penalize websites that feature duplicate content. If your site becomes the victim of duplicate content, you’ll see your rankings drop on all major search engines, and your site could even get blacklisted and removed from search results entirely.
  • Prevents web scraping, screen scraping and bot thefts – Web scraping and bots can seriously bog down your site and cause extremely slow loading times – both of which can hurt your SEO performance. Search engines factor page loading speed significantly into SEO rankings, so the faster you can get those pages to load, the better
  • Prevents comment spam and unsavory links from being posted on your site – Most spam comments include low quality backlinks created for black-hat SEO purposes. They’re just looking to get more links to their site, and drum up more traffic in an unsavory and dishonest way. These backlinks can make your site look illegitimate and spammy, and search engines will punish you for it in the end.

Want to improve your site’s SEO performance? Then talk to Distil Networks about our website content protection. Our tools can help you prevent content theft, web scraping, bots and more. Call today to get started. 

About the Author

Courtney Brady

Courtney Brady is the Director of Marketing at Distil Networks. She comes to Distil Networks from a variety of start-up companies, routed in SaaS and DaaS solutions. Formerly the global communications manager at multiple companies, Courtney is responsible for developing the company’s marketing strategy and branding campaign.

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