Introducing: The Bad Bot Landscape Report

April 22, 2014 Courtney Brady

2013 was a busy year for us here at Distil Networks. Over that 12-month period, we identified, fingerprinted and catalogued some 2.2 billion bad bots in our ever-increasing database. From those efforts to combat bad bots, we uncovered some eye-opening data that we are now sharing with the public as part of our inaugural “Bad Bot Landscape Report.” This report gives an in depth look at the growth, trends and other statistics associated with bad bots.

Among the key findings in this report:

The Bad Bot Problem is Getting Worse: Between Q1 and Q4 of 2013, the percentage of bad bot web traffic grew significantly, while good bots dropped. We’ll tell you by how much.

Bad Bot Origins: Where are bad bots coming from? Is it the usual suspects of Russia, China and India, or are bots originating a little closer to home?

Breakdown of Industries and Hosting Providers: Some industries and hosting providers served a higher percentage of bad bot traffic than others. We’ll tell you who topped the list.

What Are Bad Bots Doing? Are they more likely to ‘get’ data/information or are they more interested in posting it? When do most bad bot attacks occur?

The Baddest of the Bad Bots: Which bad bot earned the dubious distinction of being the biggest bad bot of 2013 and how did it earn that title?

What About Mobile? Are bad bots affecting mobile providers? Which country’s mobile users are most at risk?

We invite you to read “The Bad Bot Landscape Report” for yourself. It’s a stern reminder that bad bots are on the rise and only through education and understanding of the bad bot origin and makeup will organizations be able to mitigate this rapidly accelerating security threat.

View “The Bad Bot Landscape Report

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