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June 7, 2017 Carlo Martinez

I have had the pleasure of seeing this company more than double during my time here. Not only have we celebrated growth, but we have built an environment that celebrates life outside of the workplace. I have congratulated many employees on engagements, marriages, newborns, performances, awards and countless other accomplishments.  Distil recognizes that life outside of the workplace matters and is supportive of passions outside of fighting bad bots.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work at Distil? We’re more than just your average tech company. We cater to all sorts of personalities and individuals. The video below only encompasses a fraction of the employee experience at Distil. Every piece and person in the video exemplifies what makes Distil Networks an environment and culture that rivals all others. 

Now, let’s break it down for you:

Two company-wide trips a year

Distil holds a week-long, semi-annual, company retreat called “DistilCon”. This is the time when all employees, from our six offices, both domestic and international, come together for a week of learning, collaboration, team building, and FUN! I’m not kidding about the fun part either -- we have lassoed a fake bull in Texas, competed in Olympic field day events in Chicago, dined with the animals at the San Diego Zoo, traversed neighborhoods in VA Beach for an Amazing Race themed event, had an intense snowball fight in Tahoe, and more! Between these events, we do find time to review the past six months and look ahead to the next six. We discuss product updates, learn new technologies, listen to customer success stories, and recognize those employees who have gone above and beyond since we last came together.  

The Technology

We can’t have fun all the time, there’s a job to do and websites to protect. We are the market leader in automated threat prevention. Our website is loaded with blogs and white papers explaining the value of our product in the market, so I’ll refrain from diving in too deep. However, we sell a solution that our employees believe in and genuinely support and our customers approve of.

The Snacks!

The kitchen is the heart of our offices. Some days we spend our lunch time volunteering for local charities like, making brown bag lunches for the homeless, or gathering toys around the holidays for our sponsored children through the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree. Once a month you can find the local chapter of Rust hosting their meetup (complete with custom Rust DC stickers) or the DistilWIT (Women in Technology) forum learning from a guest speaker, but most days you’ll find coworkers sharing a meal or cracking open a beer at the end of the day.


At Distil, we take pride in our progression. This applies to individual career growth as well as progress made by our company. The two go hand in hand when it comes to the work involved in improving Distil’s presence and product. With two co-founders who are first generation immigrants, Distil is mindful of the underrepresented immigrant and woman population in tech. Our women in technology (DistilWIT) forum acknowledges an inequality that exists in our industry and provides a platform for our employees to voice ideas on how we can be more inclusive to the overall community.

The People

The perks are great, but what really makes Distil great is our people. We celebrate wins. We work through challenges. We make the internet a safer and more secure place. We are a tribe. Yes, we seek out the best of the best for each position, but that isn’t all that matters. Courtesy and humility are at the very core of our values -- we respect one another and everyone understands they are contributing to something larger than their individual role. We don’t shy away from the tough conversations because our intention is to continuously facilitate our evolution and future success. These different components help keep us all moving in the same direction.  As we scale, we work to maintain efficiency and ensure that the entire organization is working towards our unified goals.

Check out our JOBS page to see if there are roles that appeal to your background. (Referrals are also always appreciated!)

About the Author

Carlo Martinez

Carlo is a senior corporate recruiter with previous experience recruiting for companies in a variety of industries including telecommunications, Big 4 accounting, and government contracting. He works with the recruiting team to drive quality recruiting practices to fill key positions. He is excited to contribute to Distil’s ongoing growth.

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