Managing Security and Caching for Multiple Domains? Distil Bulk Domain Manager to the Rescue!

January 28, 2016 Bobby Power

Distil recently rolled out a new bulk management feature to efficiently manage the protection of hundreds, and even thousands of domains. Designed to address our growing customer base of large enterprises, this tool turns what was once a tedious undertaking into a simple, painless process.

Managing multiple domains can be tricky. For example, let’s assume that your company introduces a new company-wide security policy requiring all of your domains to block requests from anonymous proxies. Making changes one domain at a time would be tedious and prone to error.

Another example could be enabling and configuring cache settings across multiple domains. You want to do the job right but configuring a uniform cache profile for hundreds of domains one by one is not an awesome experience.

Enter bulk domain management. Now you have the ability to provision and configure settings for hundreds or thousands of domains in a manner that is as easy as configuring settings for a single domain.

Within your Distil Portal, you can configure the content protection or distribution settings for one of your managed domains. To manage multiple domains at once, before clicking Save, select “Apply Settings to Other Domains.”

Apply Settings to Other Domains

From here, you can select each additional domain you wish to affect with this change from the list by searching for a specific domain or browsing through multiple pages, if applicable. Once the batch is ready, select “Apply to Selected Domains.” Now, every selected domain has been outfitted with the same content protection or distribution profile.

apply to selected domains

You can learn more about managing content protection and distribution settings across multiple domains by heading over to our Knowledge Base.


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