Don’t Be a Victim of Automated Payment Card Transaction Fraud

April 4, 2017 Peter Zavlaris

It’s a whole lot easier to steal money online than using fake or stolen payment cards in the physical world – and 60% of all reported incidents of online data theft involve payment card data. But stealing money is just the start of the damage that can be caused by fraudulent automatic payment card transactions – your business can also be used as a testing ground for validating stolen payment card details (“cashing out”), website performance degradation, skewed statistics, and a whole lot more.

Find out just how many ways businesses can be impacted by online transaction fraud and how to protect against automated processes in the new eBook The Ultimate Guide to Preventing Automated Payment Card Transaction Fraud. You’ll learn:

How automation is the online fraud perpetrator’ best friend. Cybercriminals acquire vast databases of account credentials on the dark web and use bots to find “live” matches in the shortest possible time.

What techniques fraudsters use. The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) has identified three primary approaches used in online transaction fraud: carding, card cracking, and cashing out. All use automation techniques to undermine trust in online payments systems.

How you can mitigate the threat. There are a number of ways to address the problem, but most are focused on reactive detection of online fraud. The only effective solution is to stop the bad guys from even getting started – by detecting and blocking these automated bad bots before they can get into your systems.

Distil’s solution is specifically designed to identify such threats using behavioral analysis and digital fingerprinting, accurately separating human behavior from bad bot attacks and sharing the knowledge gained across our customer base. It integrates seamlessly with existing network protection technology (WAFs, IPS, SIEM, load balancers, and more) to provide a layered defense.

It’s time to reclaim trust in online payment systems and stop transaction fraud in its tracks. Find out how you can be part of the solution and download The Ultimate Guide to Preventing Automated Payment Card Transaction Fraud today.

To help businesses better understand the range of threats posed by non-human traffic, Distil has partnered with research firm Quocirca to produce a series of executive guides covering Account Takeovers, Web Scraping, Payment Card Transaction Fraud, and more.

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