Russia is the Most Blocked Country

May 10, 2018 Edward Roberts

With most bad bot traffic emanating from data centers, it’s no surprise that the US remains the bad bot superpower. But Russia became the most blocked country by Distil customers in 2017. France moved up to third as the country hosting the most bad bot traffic, and is the second most blocked country. This is due to cheap hosting availability from French company OVH.    

Why Block Countries? Many companies use geofencing blacklists to choke off large swaths of unwanted traffic. In some cases, it simply doesn’t make sense that foreign visitors would use a given site, so blocking chunks of foreign IP addresses is good hygiene. In other situations, customers have suffered attacks from countries that haven’t traditionally generated good traffic, so have taken sensible protective measures.

In the recently released 2018 Bad Bot Report, for the first time the United States is on the most-blocked list—explained by international business growth on the Distil platform. And although the United States is by far the most dangerous country, only 11.6% of blocks include the country.

Russia, France, and Taiwan accounted for 53.24% of country-specific block requests. Blocking Russia may be a reaction to the influence of bots on the US presidential election.

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Edward Roberts

Edward Roberts leads Product Marketing and has over twenty years experience in technology marketing. Previously he worked for Juniper Networks, heading up Product Marketing for the Counter Security team. Before that he ran marketing for Mykonos Software, a web security company.

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