Three Key Reasons to Integrate Distil Networks with an F5 Load Balancer

October 17, 2016 Bobby Power

One of Distil Networks’ key benefits is your being able to easily and seamlessly integrate it with your existing web application infrastructure.

But there is a lot to consider when deciding to integrate with external parties, so we’ve singled out three top reasons to integrate Distil with F5.

Empowered web security and traffic routing

Many of Distil’s larger customers have already deployed F5, the global leader in load balancers. F5 ensures that traffic routed to a website is optimized across the entire server farm. In turn Distil verifies that the traffic hitting those servers is desired. You get the best of both worlds: F5 optimizes the load balance and Distil makes sure the traffic is clean.

Eric Chapin, Datalex Security Administrator, speaks to the effectiveness of empowering F5 with Distil:

“Distil has completely eliminated scraping on our customer sites so far. This is impressive considering the airline industry has some of the most persistent scrapers out there. One scraper was doing anything he could to get airfares, and despite our initial attempts with F5 to stop him, he could still get back to the site within 24 hours. But after we implemented Distil, he simply gave up.”

Seamless integration

Distil has recently developed and released a useful guide to help walk you through our most common integration scenarios. The Distil Networks – F5 Networks Integration Guide provides you with easy-to-follow deployment diagrams and other useful information when deciding on the best integration options. Use it to start planning and customizing your own integration.

It’s easy!

Best of all, we’re here to help! Distil sales engineers and support staff are dedicated to helping you decide upon the best solution for your organization. One of our SE’s even put together a quick overview video to show just how easy it is to integrated Distil Networks with F5 Networks.

Want to learn more?

Download and read The Distil Networks – F5 Networks Integration Guide, and then contact us right away to get started.

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Bobby Power

Bobby comes to Distil Networks as a technical writer with previous software documentation experience in both the public and private sectors. He is responsible for working with Distil’s Product Marketing team to develop detailed documentation and online help, including Knowledge Base articles, in-app help, user guides, and more. He spends his free time with his wife, son, daughter, and dog, and writes for a few music outlets, including AdHoc, Decoder Magazine, Thump/Vice, and Creative Loafing.

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