[Infographic] Bots in the Ticketing Ecosystem

March 12, 2019 Katherine Oberhofer

Bad bots are responsible for 39.9% of all ticketing website traffic. At the heart of the bot problem is the ticketing website and mobile app. This is the online home for all event information which is presented for customers to make purchase decisions, including seat availability at different pricing tiers, payment processes, and different methods of delivery for purchased tickets.

As a security pro/IT pro, it’s helpful to understand the ticketing bot ecosystem to be proactive about how you defend the organization. Bot operators are motivated to look for new and innovative ways to get access to tickets so they can resell them at inflated rates and turn a profit. This makes them dedicated adversaries who will circumvent any blocks that affect their livelihood - they survive on the boy ecosystem.

For simplicity, ticketing websites can be thought of as having three distinct areas:


Regardless of the specific technical structure of the website, consistent problems plague all ticketing platforms in the shape of bots. In general, they are launched from five main groups of bot operators.


What Does All This Mean?

In these fast-moving and technologically-driven times, ticketing sites should be prepared to defend against each of these 5 bad bot operators and their respective tactics. Failing to do so could mean weakened brand loyalty, frustrated fans, lost revenue, site slow down, and more. Make your ticketing site successful by arming it with a holistic and advanced set of bot mitigation tools.


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