Brian Feldman

Brian Feldman, Solutions Engineer at Distil, graduated from University of Maryland with a degree in Finance after studying international business in Australia and Dubai. As an undergrad, Feldman founded a music management and event production company where he worked with some of the fastest rising stars in hip hop and EDM. Feldman is also the CEO & Founder of Gratii, a mobile marketing and gaming company that has been recognized as one of the hottest startups in the Mid-Atlantic region.

  • What is a Web Bot?

    What is a Web Bot?

    What is a bot? Where did the word “bot” come from and what is the modern definition of a bot? Distil Networks explains what we mean when we talk about bots, & what they are

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  • Holiday Web Security: Shots Anyone?

    Holiday Web Security: Shots Anyone?

    Just like the flu virus, malicious bots are constantly evolving. As new security measures are put in place, hackers adapt and discover new tactics and techniques to cover their tracks.

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