Fast & Simplified Deployment Using Distil Connector

April 30, 2019

Deploy Distil Anywhere Using JavaScript Integration

Today, many web-focused businesses, particularly those in regulated industries like finance and healthcare, are opposed to deploying security solutions inline. Similarly, other businesses cannot deploy in this manner because of how their infrastructure is built. Both groups require the benefits of Bot Defense—but need an alternative method of deployment.

For those reluctant to redirect DNS, or deploy a reverse proxy, Distil Connector is the perfect alternative—a lightweight integration of JavaScript code that deploys in minutes. Gain all the benefits of Distil’s best-in-class Bot Defense solution by quickly deploying into your technology stack with pre-built connectors.

Key Benefits of Distil Connector

  • Faster to deploy than inline options—some taking only minutes to configure
  • Created to work with popular web technologies
  • Pre-built connectors are proven and tested
  • Less IT networking headaches—requires no infrastructure changes
  • Easy for web team to deploy the small snippet of code
  • Simply deploy JavaScript code without redirecting DNS
  • Advanced reporting capabilities give insights into the most sophisticated bot attacks
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