Graphiq Saves Resources & Improves SEO with Distil Networks | Graphiq Case Study

September 25, 2015

“Fighting scrapers and hackers is a cold war so we need to be able to leverage accurate, real-time threat intelligence. The alliance of Distil-protected sites constitutes a highly effective nexus of knowledge and power to defeat our shared enemy--malicious bots.”

-- Ivan Bercovich, Vice President of Engineering, Graphiq


Graphiq is a technology company focused on collecting and interpreting data. For consumers, Graphiq operates over a dozen trusted datadriven research websites, spanning consumer products to personal finance and real estate to sports statistics. For online content creators, the company offers several solutions for improving audience engagement with embeddable, interactive data visuals. 

Graphiq operates one of the largest websites on the Internet in terms of the number of pages and amount of data hosted. They are constantly targeted by scrapers, bots and botnets who try to steal their valuable data. Graphiq aims to provide data and tools to its legitimate users and block out nefarious actors and ‘copycats’.


  • Scrapers stole data from hundreds of millions of pages and built duplicate sites
  • Random spikes in bot traffic impacted performance and increased infrastructure costs
  • Fighting bots was resourceintensive and took Engineering away from product development
  • Homegrown solution caused falsepositives, damaging the user experience; manually un-blocking legitimate traffic was timeconsuming


Distil Appliance


  • Blocked scrapers and gave Engineering tools to monitor suspicious activity
  • Immediately eliminated spikes in traffic and improved performance
  • Outsourced the bot problem, allowing Engineering to focus on product development
  • Significantly improved the user experience
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