StubHub Stops Account Takeover by Eliminating Bad Bots with Distil Networks | StubHub Case Study

April 27, 2016


As one of the world's largest ticket marketplaces, StubHub enables fans to buy and sell tens of thousands of tickets, whenever they want, through desktop and mobile experiences. However, bad bots were wreaking havoc on StubHub’s business.

StubHub’s competitors were scraping pricing information and inventory data, customer accounts were taken over by cyber thieves, and bot requests doubled the load on the site causing downtime and skewed analytics.


  • Competitor price scraping
  • Account takeovers
  • Advanced Persistent Bots (APBs)
  • Skewed Conversion Tracking


Distil Appliance


  • Drastically reduces competitive data mining, increases SEO rankings, and protects the StubHub marketplace
  • Automatically detects and eliminates bad bots attempting account takeovers and fraud
  • Traffic is now 100% human user-loaded, well-shaped, and predictable
  • Distil seamlessly deployed without affecting other security and performance systems

Also see StubHub's Field Guide To Preventing Competitor Price Scraping, Unwanted Transactions, Brute Force Attacks, and Click Fraud and StubHub Defeats Competitive Data Mining and Fraud

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