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10 Ways Bad Bots Hurt Your Website Security | White Paper

January 28, 2015

The term “bot” is more common now than ever. We hear it used in politics, on social media, and when discussing website traffic. But how much do you really understand how damage caused by bots hurts your business?

Most businesses require a strong web presence to generate revenue. Creating an attractive, efficient, and popular website is no easy task. All the while, website owners must be fully aware that bad bots lurk around every corner—looking to steal your content, abuse functionality, alter site metrics, and commit fraud—all to the gain of bot herders.

Bad bots are an all-too-common and growing problem. But what specific damage are they doing on your website? And how does it impact your business?

  1. Web Scraping—Content theft, competitive data mining, and price scraping
  2. Skewing—All your web metrics are wrong
  3. Denial of Service—Bring your website down
  4. Credential Cracking—How unique is a password?
  5. Credential Stuffing—Stop Account Takeover
  6. Ad Fraud—Who clicked my ad?
  7. Vulnerability Scanning—Not all scanners are your own
  8. Footprinting—Understand the technology used
  9. Fingerprinting—Profiles the web application
  10. Spamming—Real or Fake Comments?

This white paper highlights ten ways bots can target your site,  but covers only half of the existing automated threats. The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is an important standards body in the application security community. Its automated threats to web applications list also includes: account aggregation, account creation, carding, card cracking, cashing out, CAPTCHA bypass, expediting, scalping, sniping, and token cracking. 


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