Ecommerce Websites are a Major Target for Bad Bots

May 1, 2018 Edward Roberts

Bad bots makeup 21.4% of traffic on Ecommerce sites.

When you consider the goals of any bot operator it is easy to understand why ecommerce websites suffer from the gamut of problems from automated threats. Their log-in pages suffer from perpetual Account takeover (ATO) attempts using credential stuffing and credential cracking techniques. Their payment processes are exploited by thieves using stolen credit cards to run carding, card cracking and cashing out attacks. Their gift cards are abused. And competitors are constantly scraping their content and prices to gain an unfair advantage.

Of all the industries studied in the 2018 Bad Bot Report, ecommerce saw the highest amount of sophisticated bad bots—-22.9% of all bad bots were classified as sophisticated, 50.9% were seen as moderate and only 26.2% were seen as simple.

The fact is, online retailers are particularly susceptible to the effects of advanced bot threats, including competitive tactics like price scraping, product matching, variation tracking and availability targeting. Even worse, security breaches such as transaction fraud and account takeovers endanger the overall security of their websites, customer base, and brand.

Every transaction on an ecommerce website, API or mobile app leads to the ultimate prize for every bad bot operator—-easy money.

Ecommerce fraud prevention software may help prevent bad bots on your website. Find other tips on Bot Mitigation Techniques to Try on Your Ecommerce Site!

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Edward Roberts

Edward Roberts leads Product Marketing and has over twenty years experience in technology marketing. Previously he worked for Juniper Networks, heading up Product Marketing for the Counter Security team. Before that he ran marketing for Mykonos Software, a web security company.

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