Bot Defense for API Security Data Sheet

June 27, 2017

APIs are an engine for innovation. They enable developers to easily build rich and dynamic web and mobile app experiences. Yet per OWASP data, most APIs lack basic capabilities to detect, prevent, and respond to automated attacks. Nefarious competitors, hackers, and fraudsters reverse engineer apps that connect to API endpoints. Once inside the API, they use bots to scrape data, takeover accounts, commit fraud, and deny API service to other apps and users. Sounding the alarm bell, OWASP has now added “Underprotected APIs” to the OWASP Top Ten.

Underprotected APIs are vulnerable through three access points: through a web browser, direct to the API server, or through a mobile app. The bad guys attack whichever vector has the least protection. Distil Networks protects all three access points.

Bot Defense for API Security

Key Benefits of Bot Defense for API

  • Comprehensive Protection - Rest easy knowing your websites, mobile apps, and API servers are protected from bot attacks.
  • Enables Secure Approach to API-first Development - Reap all the benefits of rich user experiences and continuous product innovation without sacrificing security.  
  • Complements API Management Solutions - Deploy as a standalone solution or add advanced bot defense to your existing API management solution or API gateway.
  • Verifies Traffic to API Server - Ensures that only legitimate humans have access to your API server.
  • Verifies Traffic to Mobile App APIs - Ensures that only legitimate humans on real mobile devices have access to your mobile application.
  • Changes the Game - Makes abusing your APIs cost prohibitive. Forces all but the most heavily resourced and determined adversaries to throw in the towel.
  • Cost Savings - Reduce the volume of API calls, saving infrastructure costs.
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