Distil for Gaming Websites | Data Sheet

February 2, 2017

What are the odds that your gaming website is being compromised by automated bots?

Ten to one. With the incredible amount of money being transacted on gaming websites, cyber criminals and fraudsters have turned to sophisticated automation. Now more than ever, website defenders must remain vigilant in protecting user accounts and their account balances from hijacking and fraud.

Unscrupulous competitors and other nefarious actors also use bad bots. They scrape betting line data, which they then use to capitalize on your unique content, perform electronic arbitrage, and create an unfair playing field. Aggressive web scraping can also lead to application denial of service, and a poor user experience.

With Distil Networks, gaming operators have a proactive and precise way to mitigate bad bots without impacting legitimate human users. 

  • Protect betting revenue
  • Stop betting line web scrapers 

  • Prevent account takeover 

  • Reduce transaction fraud 

  • Eliminate in play bots 

  • Improve website performance
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