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August 22, 2017

Distil Helps Protect Your Booking Engine, Website, Mobile App and Backend APIs from Bad Bots

Unauthorized OTAs, competitors, and meta search sites use sophisticated web scraping bots to abuse the business logic of your booking engine. They start by querying your site for any ticket they can sell, skewing look-to-book ratios, increasing GDS transaction costs, and causing site slowdowns and downtime. Next, they dynamically package seat inventory with other products, robbing you of direct and ancillary revenue. Finally, they insert their own email addresses into reservations, taking control of remarketing opportunities, and causing customer dissatisfaction during disruptions. Distil helps airlines regain control over inventory pricing and availability, and increase revenue.

Only Distil offers a Holistic Defense Against Automated Threats

Although other vendors claim to help airlines address these problems, only Distil Networks’ unique, more holistic approach provides a truly effective defense. Through a potent combination of superior technology, human expertise and a wealth of knowledge and experience, Distil provides unprecedented protection from automated threats without affecting the flow of business-critical traffic.

  1. Unwanted transactions
  2. Spinning (seat holding)
  3. Skewed look-to-book ratios
  4. Account takeover fraud
  5. Mileage (loyalty) fraud
  6. Infrastructure strain and downtime
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