Distil Secure CDN Datasheet

November 1, 2017

Defend and Accelerate Your Website and APIs

Together with best-in-class bot defense, the Distil Secure CDN improves your website’s performance by serving traffic through 25 global locations. The Distil Secure CDN also comes with intelligent, always-on DDoS mitigation that prevents volumetric attacks from bringing your website down.

Key Benefits Of Distil Secure CDN

  • All-in-one package includes bot defense, accelerated content delivery, and DDoS protection
  • Wider protection covers all bad bot inroads–website, mobile, and API
  • Distil’s deeper interrogation of the client ensures they are who they claim to be, then analyzes their ongoing behavior to make sure they aren’t malicious
  • Smarter controls catch more bots without affecting the flow of business critical traffic
  • Vigilant and dedicated support from the industry pioneer and leader
  • Increased up-time with always-on volumetric DDoS protection and application layer denial of service mitigation
  • Deploy quickly with a simple DNS change
  • PCI Certified network
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