Home Improvement Store Deploys a Distil Appliance to Ensure Site Performance | Case Study

December 14, 2016

At a Glance

  • Home Improvement Store
  • Ecommerce


  • Bots undermined site performance and reliability
  • Protect sites from content theft, price scraping, bogus affiliate sites, and digital ad fraud
  • Bot blocking via F5 iRules a constant game of “whack-a-mole”
  • Bogus shopping cart activity skewing conversion data


  • Prevented at least three outages and freed up 25% of F5 LTM capacity
  • Protected brand and competitive advantage from competitors and fraudsters
  • Self-tuning, proactive approach saving two to three man-days per month
  • Clean conversion and funnel analytics yielding better A/B testing and decision-making

Applicable OWASP Automated Threats

  • OAT-011 Scraping
  • OAT-015 Denial of Service
  • OAT-016 Skewing
  • OAT-003 Ad Fraud
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“Distil revealed that roughly 30% of our traffic was comprised of bad bots. We’re now blocking over 80% of that, and may decide to get more aggressive with our settings. Distil’s hands-off, proactive approach saves our company two to three man-days per month and is much more effective than the ‘whack-a-mole’ we were playing writing F5 iRules. We’ve also prevented at least three outages, and freed up 25% of our F5 LTM capacity.”

– VP of Technology


A leading home improvement store helps buyers with home projects from start to finish. It prides itself in its knowledgeable product advisors, ending with fast and free shipping to customers. The online retailer now features over 800,000 home improvement products. The company represents 350 vendors, ships from 430 warehouses, and operates a number of niche websites.

The company started with the philosophy that, historically, most people’s experience with building projects of any size has been less than ideal. Forming the heart of its business is the “customer service first” approach in everything it does. Over 200 sales specialists are dedicated to helping customers select products, assist in ordering, or whatever else it is they need.

The company uses an encrypted checkout process to achieve the most secure online shopping experience. Sensitive information is re-encrypted after each transaction is completed, and continuous testing assures that all systems are VISA CISP and SANS Institute-certified.

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