StubHub Defeats Competitive Data Mining and Fraud

October 7, 2015

“Competitive data mining for ticket price and inventory was a constant threat.  Not only was Distil was able to help us identify and block the bots performing this scraping, they also helped us greatly reduce transaction fraud and account takeovers.”

-- Marty Boos, Sr. Director, Technology Operations, StubHub


  • Bots were used for brute force account takeovers
  • Competitors tried to game the system by scraping prices, as well as monitoring inventory and customer behavior
  • Random spikes in bot traffic were causing brownouts
  • Tested competitor solution, but it broke their website. Concerned that blocking bots would impact users


  • Bad bots performing account take overs and fraud were automatically detected and eliminated
  • Drastically reduced competitive data mining, increased SEO rankings, and protected their marketplace ecosystem
  • Traffic is now pure human user loaded, well-shaped, and predictable
  • Able to deploy seamlessly without affecting other security and performance systems in their ecosystem


Check out the slides from our recent webinar featuring Marty Boos of StubHub discussing how StubHub was able to defeat bad bots with Distil Networks.

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