Distil Networks Analyst Managed Service | Data Sheet

May 3, 2016

Bringing Human Intelligence to the Science of Bot Mitigation 

Are you in a constant cat and mouse game with hackers, fraudsters, and nefarious competitors? Are you fed up with blocking bad bots today only to find new ones back on your site tomorrow? Do you have a highly-motivated and well-resourced adversary? Or perhaps your internal team is stretched to its limits with current projects? Distil Analyst Managed Service is here to help. 

Your dedicated team of security analysts fine-tunes your Distil implementation and manages your bot mitigation program on your behalf. This includes real-time threat detection and response, and post-incident reporting—ensuring you stay one step ahead of your adversaries. With Distil Analyst Managed Service, experienced security professionals own the problem of automated abuse across your website and APIs. Rest easy knowing your dedicated team is continually: 

  • Identifying and responding to new bots targeting your application 
  • Analyzing global threat data and its potential impact on your business 
  • Executing domain- and path-specific mitigation strategies


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