Distil Networks for Marketplaces and Classifieds | Data Sheet

October 27, 2016

Today’s online marketplace and classifieds sites face threats from nefarious competitors, hackers, and fraudsters. The bad guys are increasingly leveraging malicious bots to programmatically steal content, and endanger the overall security of your website, customer base, and brand.

Distil Networks protects your marketplace listings from web scraping — which can result in stolen or duplicated content, diminished SEO rankings, and loss of advertiser revenue. Distil also prevents fake registrations, spammy product listings, and comment spam from polluting your site and damaging your reputation.

  • Avoid expensive litigation against content thieves
  • Reduce online infrastructure costs, web server strain, and downtime
  • Protect your SEO pagerank, be the authoritative source of content
  • Keep your web analytics clean
  • Protect your APIs from abuse, misuse, and attacks
  • Prevent brute force account takeover attacks
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