Distil for Healthcare Websites | Data Sheet

February 16, 2017

The value of a medical record on the dark web can be as high as $500. Cybercriminals use bad bots (what OWASP calls Automated Threats) to attack login screens, steal patient records, and perform account fraud. Healthcare data breaches result in identity theft, as well as medical billing and insurance fraud.

Meanwhile, aggregators and upstarts use web scraping bots to steal unique content or provide insurance policy quotes. Inaccurate pricing leads to customer frustration, and aggressive scraping can even cause slowdowns and downtime: an application denial of service.

Distil Networks protects your online applications and data including PHI, application performance, and unique content. Distil understands the importance of protecting healthcare data and maintaining compliance with worldwide security standards.

  • Prevent account takeover and fraud
  • Stop aggregators from stealing unique pricing and content
  • Prevent aggregators from luring away prospects and customers
  • Block unauthorized vulnerability scanners
  • Reduce payment card fraud, insurance fraud, and the risk of extortion
  • Show regulators that you can identify and police web traffic
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