Stay Ahead of The Bad Bot Arms Race with Early Detection and Advanced Reporting

July 16, 2019

According to the 2019 Bad Bot Report, cyber-attacks are happening more frequently, their sophistication level is increasing and companies are at risk for losing more revenue. That is why Distil Networks created the Dynamic Reporting Engine to help measure and report on attacks. The new tool allows your team to become industry bot experts through nearly real-time detection. Finding bots faster means less money is lost for your company.

Security teams struggle to fully understand the nature of the risks posed by bad bots and their operators. With Distil Networks Dynamic Reporting Engine, your employees are empowered to investigate active threats, perform ad-hoc analysis on individual requests and learn which violations are being triggered by bad bots. Employees can then quickly react and stop the attacks.

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Distil Dynamic Reporting Engine Product Datasheet
Distil Dynamic Reporting Engine Product Datasheet

With Distil’s Dynamic Reporting Engine you benefit from accessing granular log-level data which enable you ...