Enterprise Security Weekly Webcast: 9 Ways To Protect Your Business

April 30, 2018

Distil Networks, the global leader in bot mitigation, publishes the most in depth analysis on the sources, types, and sophistication levels of automated attacks--and there are serious implications for anyone responsible for securing websites, mobile apps, and APIs.

Watch Paul and Rami as they reveal the data from Distil Networks’ 5th Annual Bad Bot Report, which is based on hundreds of billions of bad bot requests, anonymized over thousands of domains. Get guidance on the nature and impact of today’s automated threats to your business.

Key takeaways include:

  • Types of bad bot problems, how they hurt your business, and signs you have a problem
  • 9 things you must do to protect your business
  • How your bad bot problem compares to your industry peers
  • Which countries are the most blocked
  • How bots mimic human behavior and what to look for
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