March 3-4, 2019: BSides in San Francisco

March 22, 2018

On Monday, April 16, DIstil Networks' CEO, Tiffany Olson Jones joins a panel on "What's the Deal with Web Security" at the AGC Partners' 14th Annual West Coast InfoSec & Broader Technology Growth Conference.

Your mission as a web security entrepreneur is to create market opportunities reflecting the continued importance of the Web to enterprise businesses. It won’t be easy as you’ll have to be up to date with new threat tactics that can be launched at any moment from anywhere in the world, manage new vulnerabilities exposed by next-generation IT tools and infrastructure, avoid introducing friction for users/customers with expectations of great online experiences, and implement a business model that will be the envy of cyber-security. The good news is it can be done - ThreatMetrix recently parlayed a $70m per year Web security business into an $850m acquisition by the RELX Group.
Websites present easy targets for attackers because they communicate with the world using open html encodings and http protocols. Automated bot traffic, exceeding human-sourced traffic since 2016, abuse the business logic programmed into websites in driving account takeover, confidential data theft, denial of service, and fraudulent transactions including card not present fraud in e-commerce sites. Compliance mandates deployment of either a Web Application Firewall or Web code scanning capability, but achieving controllable Web security is still a challenge. With businesses placing more assets and customer interactions on the web, this is a market segment ripe for disruption.
This panel features five experienced and visionary web security entrepreneurs from the buy side and the sell side. They will share observations on managing the evolving threat landscape, the platforms they have built to improve web security effectiveness, and the challenges they are encountering as they innovate enterprise security.


  • Tiffany Olson Jones, Chief Executive Officer, Distil Networks
  • John Summers, Vice President & General Manager, Enterprise Products, Akamai
  • Peter Martini, President & Co-Founder, iBoss
  • Sandeep Swadia, Chief Executive Officer, White Ops
  • Shuman Ghosemajumder, Chief Technology Officer, Shape Security


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