August 2019: Bot Defense Council

January 31, 2017

About the Council

The Bot Defense Council is an elite group of IT practitioners and technically ept business leaders who are committed to making the web more secure. Founded by Rami Essaid, Co-founder and Chief Product and Strategy Officer of Distil Networks, the council is currently limited in order to facilitate a candid peer-to-peer exchange. 

Programs and Research 

The Bot Defense Council's programs and research will focus on best practices for optimizing the digital customer experience, as well as how to defend online applications against website security breaches, transaction fraud, digital ad fraud, and intellectual property infringement. 
Distil Networks will consult with council members to help identify any gaps in our product portfolio, align our priorities with the industry, and help drive our strategy and planning at every level. 

Member Benefits 

Bot Defense Council members enjoy multiple direct and indirect benefits, including: 

  • Providing direct influence over future Distil Networks product development
  • Relationship building with Distil Networks' co-founders, investors, senior leadership, and like-minded peers
  • Early access to product enhancements and Distil Networks Labs
  • Opportunities for building your personal and company brand
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