WEBINAR: How the BOTS Act Impacts Premium Onsales and the Ticketing Industry Ecosystem

January 31, 2017

“Bots” first entered popular consciousness last year with the passing of the BOTS Act, and the proliferation of messaging bots. However, those of us in the ticketing industry have been dealing with bots for years.

Join Rami Essaid, CEO of Distil Networks, and Niels Sodemann, CEO of Queue-it for a lively conversation on the evolution of good and bad bots, their impact on the ticketing ecosystem, current and pending legislation, and innovative onsale bot mitigation strategies.

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Date: Thursday, March 2, 2017

Time: 11:30 PM EST/ 8:30 AM PST


Niels Henrik SodemannNiels Sodemann

Niels Sodemann is the CEO and Co-founder of Queue-it. Originally, his expertise was primarily within software development, adding on infrastructure project skills and roles along the way. System and website performance was always in his mindset, as he designed and implemented solutions, and the challenges that all transactional IT projects face in this context were a great part of the inspiration for the creation of Queue-it. While having advised clients on how to best manage web performance at the peak load situation, he has gained deep insight into the issues affecting load times and scalability.. 


Rami EssaidRami Essaid

Rami Essaid is the CEO and Co-founder of Distil Networks, the first easy and accurate way to identify and police malicious website traffic, blocking 99.9% of bad bots without impacting legitimate users. With over 15 years in telecommunications, network security, and cloud infrastructure management, Rami continues to advise enterprise companies around the world, helping them embrace the cloud to improve their scalability and reliability while maintaining a high level of security.




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