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Learn about the changing threat landscape of bots and botnets. Our bot detection & bot mitigation white papers show how to address them with Distil Networks.

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Along with the volume, the sophistication of bots is also increasing. Sophisticated 19.70% 31.40% Bot Sophistication Airline Domains 2017 Airline Domains 2018 Moderate 52.93% 52.90% Simple 27.37% 15.70% How Bots Affect Airlines Executive Summary Bad bot traffic percentage - All industries 21.8% Bad bot traffic percentage - Airlines Number of airline domains with greater than 50% bad bot traffic 43.9% 51 Highest bad bot traffic percentage on an airline 94.58% The airline industry is seeing more than double the volume of bad bot traffic compared to all other industries. And more attacks means more resources (and money) spent fighting bad bots. Bad Bots At-A-Glance Bad bots are responsible for 43.9% of all airline website traffic. IT teams might be focused on site performance and traffic sources, but your main concern is the impact they have on your ability to do legitimate business and maintain a reputation as a trusted brand. In the first-ever industry-specific study on the round-the-clock damage caused by bots on airline websites, see first hand the true effects bad bots have on your airline and what you should be doing to ensure your business is protected. The analysis covers 180 airline domains with eye-opening insights. Distil Research Lab

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