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Bots At-A-Glance: Loyalty-Programs

Learn about the changing threat landscape of bots and botnets. Our bot detection & bot mitigation white papers show how to address them with Distil Networks.

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What Airline Execs Need To Know About Their Loyalty Programs Bad Bots At-A-Glance $48 billion in airline miles and other rewards sat unredeemed in customer accounts in 2016, making loyalty programs a target for malicious online bot activities, like loyalty program account takeovers and acquisition of sensitive customer information. Bad bots are programmed to steal customer information, and they'll do anything to come up successful. Access to loyalty program accounts opens up a whole new lucrative world for the criminals behind the bots. Bot is programmed to try common passwords with stolen email addresses How It Works Credential Cracking Bad Bot Tactic Characteristics Goal • Attacks are 'low and slow' • They can happen around the clock Run a list of paired credentials (login + password) against sites across the internet Credential Stuffing • Attacks are volumetric, spikey, and last for a short period • This means of account takeover is extremely prevalent on airlines To gain access to advantageous and/or profitable information Credential Stuffing Volumetric account takeovers are more prevalent in the airline industry than others: • The airline industry is targeted 3-4 times per month • All other industries are targeted 2-3 times per month Larger airlines are a higher value target because they typically have a larger database of loyalty program members, which increases the likelihood of finding a successful match from brute force credential stuffing. What are the Stats? In any given 30-day period, your IT team, your finance department, and your customer service representatives could be forced to deal with the consequences of relentless loyalty program attacks, just like the airline exhibited to the right. Without a comprehensive bot mitigation tool, your staff could spend hours cleaning up the messes that bad bots have made. One Month of Credential Stuffing Bad Bot Attacks: What are the Stats? Distil Research Lab HOW BOTS AFFECT AIRLINES

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