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Learn about the changing threat landscape of bots and botnets. Our bot detection & bot mitigation white papers show how to address them with Distil Networks.

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What IT Needs to Know About 24/7 Attacks on Ticketing Companies Bad Bots At-A-Glance The ticketing industry is under constant attack from bad bots, and malicious bots programmed to target specific companies are easily purchased online. They are used for web scraping, seat spinning, account takeovers and more. They bog down your website and infrastructure, and suck up valuable IT time for bot mitigation. To learn more about the impact of bad bots, we analyzed data from 180 ticketing domains for the report Threat Research: How Bots Affect Ticketing. Below is a summary of that report—and what you need to know. Distil Research Lab HOW BOTS AFFECT TICKETING Ticketing websites usually have three distinct areas, all intended for consumer convenience, but vulnerable to attack by bad bots because of the information they offer: Ticketing Web Property Structures Bad bots come from multiple sources, some of which might surprise you. Below are the five main sources responsible for malicious bots, and what they're trying to accomplish when they gain access to tickets and customer data: Bad Bot Operators Brokers Who Launches Bots Bot Objectives Individual Scalpers Account takeover to access fan accounts to steal tickets or transfer to another account Fraud - Credit card and loyalty fraud (Sports teams season ticket holders) Scrape ticket details Instantly purchasing any available tickets to re-sell (Scalping) Continuously checking seat map inventory for newly released seats Scrape ticket details Instantly purchasing best available tickets to re-sell Continuously checking seat map inventory for premium seats Hospitality Agencies Corporations Criminals Including venue, pricing, date & time, and payment purchases. Specific Event Information Showing availability of inventory. Seat Map Accessed using credentials and stores purchased tickets, loyalty points, and personally identifiable information. Customer Account Pages

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