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Have issues with web scraping, content scraping, or price scraping? Read our case studies on how Distil Networks resolved them and improved site performance.

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4 REQUIREMENTS Online Directories Deploy Increasingly Complex Web Infrastructure "Now when you run a site, everything is very interdependent. There are a lot of enabling technology and services which add multiple layers of complexity, and even more parties involved," noted Garrison. As Garrison and his team at Manta narrowed its short list for anti-scraping solutions, they refined their priorities: • Maintain high availability and performance of the site • Protect business information from theft • Easily integrate with new, cloud-based web infrastructure • Outsource management of the problem Distil Networks, which offers both an on-premise appliance cloud-based solution, came out alone at the top of Manta's list. Since Manta was looking for a solution which would work seamlessly with their Amazon cloud platform, Distil's Cloud CDN was an ideal fit. WHY DISTIL? Easy setup and no need to change the underlying web infrastructure The free trial setup was straight-forward and quick, and within weeks, Manta went through a full implementation. Manta easily configured the settings, allowing them to accurately distinguish human visitors, good bots and bad bots. They were also able to maintain their desired URL structure, which had been optimized for SEO. Outstanding customer support and product that worked as promised "The offering from Distil was unique and the human aspect was huge," said Garrison. "We had trouble with our previous CDN vendor, Limelight, fitting our case correctly, and because we weren't a big, 'sexy' customer, we weren't getting great service. With Distil, we got quick response from Support Engineers who were eager to help us through a fast and successful implementation." Additionally, trust came into play. "When we selected Limelight for CDN, they promised us vaporware with features that they later abandoned." he said. "Those features—notably anti-web scraping—were important to us. Distil provided them out-of-the-box." Accurate bot detection and complete control over how to use the service Distil's solution began blocking malicious bots instantaneously using several layers of proactive detection. It then learned behavior patterns unique to and identified anomalies to a typical visitor profile. Distil's unique fingerprint distinguished good bots (like Google and Bing) from bad ones, and blocked them. Distil provides Manta with complete information as to what bots are doing on their site and what organizations are behind the bots, giving Manta the option to monitor, present an unblock form, CAPTCHA, or drop each bot request.

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