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Have issues with web scraping, content scraping, or price scraping? Read our case studies on how Distil Networks resolved them and improved site performance.

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5 team only blocks the bad bots; false positives have become a thing of the past. "Our previous IP-based model didn't give us the granular insight we have with Distil," said Bradshaw. "The various methods Distil applies to every request -- along with its self-optimizing capability -- enables us to stay ahead of the curve. It constantly evolves in the background, learning and identifying new malicious behaviors as they're introduced. That is a huge plus." Reduces need and expense of taking legal action against malicious scrapers When Bradshaw's team suspected content theft or IP infringement, they sometimes initiated legal proceedings. Depending on the particular scraper, Bradshaw contacted the ISP and had lawyers draft "cease-and-desist" orders. Distil helps with this process by identifying the ISP from which the bad actor originates. "We definitely wouldn't be able to identify as many of these bad actors without Distil," he said. "In addition, we're now able to block the bad bots, eliminating the need and the expense of taking legal action." Eliminating bot traffic decreases query load on production servers, reducing infrastructure costs and improving user experience With fewer bots getting past the Distil servers, the query load on Whitepages' production servers has been reduced substantially, improving site performance and the user experience. "Using Distil, we're protecting our data and preserving a good user experience," said Bradshaw. "We've essentially outsourced our bot problem." ABOUT DISTIL NETWORKS Distil Networks, the global leader in bot detection and mitigation, is the first easy and accurate way to identify and police malicious website traffic, blocking 99.9% of bad bots without impacting legitimate users. Distil protects against web scraping, brute force attacks, competitive data mining, account hijacking, unauthorized vulnerability scans, spam, man-in-the-middle attacks and click fraud. Slash the high tax that bots place on your internal teams and web infrastructure by outsourcing the problem to the team with a maniacal focus on blocking malicious bots: • Harden your website security by eliminating malicious bots • Increase insight and control over human, good bot and bad bot traffic • Protect data from web scrapers, unauthorized aggregators and competitors • Deploy on the Distil Cloud CDN or Distil Appliance (Physical | Virtual | AWS) For more information on Distil Networks, visit us at or follow @DISTIL on twitter.

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