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Distil Secure CDN Datasheet

Learn about the changing threat landscape of bots and botnets. Our bot detection & bot mitigation white papers show how to address them with Distil Networks.

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DEFEND AND ACCELERATE YOUR WEBSITE AND APIs Together with best-in-class bot defense, the Distil Secure CDN improves your website's performance by serving traffic through 25 global locations. The Distil Secure CDN also comes with intelligent, always-on DDoS mitigation that prevents volumetric attacks from bringing your website down. Key Benefits Of Distil Secure CDN All-in-one package includes bot defense, accelerated content delivery, and DDoS protection Wider protection covers all bad bot inroads–website, mobile, and API Distil's deeper interrogation of the client ensures they are who they claim to be, then analyzes their ongoing behavior to make sure they aren't malicious Smarter controls catch more bots without affecting the flow of business critical traffic Vigilant and dedicated support from the industry pioneer and leader Increased up-time with always-on volumetric DDoS protection and application layer denial of service mitigation Deploy quickly with a simple DNS change PCI Certified network A PCI Certified Content Delivery Network, DDoS Protection, and Bot Defense. All for One Price. DISTIL SECURE CDN DATASHEET "We like that the CDN was part of the solution. Turning on Distil was a simple DNS change, and it was up and running, monitoring our traffic." Shane Ward Senior Director of Technology

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