Bot-buster Distil Networks Launches First Channel Program to Build Loyal Partner Network

November 16, 2015

Distil is looking to supplement its direct sales with a significant partner presence, offering an enterprise grade proactive solution, which is very specific and complements other security solutions, and now a partner program to offer support.

San Francisco-based Distil Networks, which detects and mitigates against malicious  used for web scraping and numerous other types of mining and fraud, has sold direct since their inception. Now however the company is looking to add a channel, and is launching a channel program today to support it.

“We were founded in 2011 as a purpose-built solution for bot detection and mitigation,” said Rob Rodier, Director of Channel for Distil Networks. “We see an average of six of every ten requests made to web servers are bots. Many are good of course, but some are bad, and especially since bots became more sophisticated, there really needed to be a purpose built solution, rather than bolt-on web application firewalls which are typically used for the purpose, but which are rules-based and reactive. We are proactive.”

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