How Digital Publishers can Resolve the Bot Problem

December 1, 2017

Reid Tatoris, VP Product Outreach and Marketing at Distil Networks, will discuss what bots are and how you can protect your website from attacks

Everyone agrees that close to half of all internet traffic is generated not by humans, but by automated bots (both good and bad bots). It’s an unintended side effect of how the internet works. Hackers write these bots for dozens of reasons, from snatching up concert tickets to stealing bitcoin. Digital publishers are hit particularly hard, mainly because they create a consistent stream of new content that’s valuable and attracts valuable users.

Digital Publishing Bots

Great content makes you a great target for scraping

First, premium publishers have premium content that’s valuable to steal. Google the title of almost any national newspaper article and you’ll see duplicate content posted on phony sites to steal ad impressions. Sites behind a paywall are an even bigger target, and sophisticated hackers will create trial accounts to access that content and monetize elsewhere. Scraping happens on 97 percent of digital publishing sites. And scraping isn’t just about losing your valuable content -33 percent of sites experience denial of service caused by spikes in bot traffic due to scrapers.

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Rami Essaid, Distil Networks Co-founder
Rami Essaid, Distil Networks Co-founder