Security Takes Shape at Market Cube

September 21, 2016

An online market research firm adopts a bot detection and mitigation solution to build a more secure business framework and protect customer information.

For any organization, there is no issue more important than data integrity. For online sample and market research firm Market Cube, which works with major companies and political candidates, it's a make-or-break proposition. Any type of glitch, inaccuracy or breakdown could torpedo trust and ultimately sink the business.

"We deal with market research data samples, typically through email-based interviews," says Ted Pulsifer, principal at Market Cube. "Data integrity is critical."

In fact, Market Cube's business model revolves around compensating all participants for their time—typically $1 to $50 or more per transaction. "We charge more to companies for certain types of data," Pulsifer says. The online nature of the business means that it's imperative to authenticate participants and ensure that the data they provide is real.

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