The Imitation Game -- Or: Why I Invested in Distil Networks

June 30, 2015 David Cohen

With the benefits of shared learning and infinite storage, machines only get smarter over time, and so it seems inevitable that they will eventually pass the Turing Judge Test. On the other hand, as artificial judges get smarter, so do the artificial contestants. Even when machines do pass Turing tests with flying colors, how can they ever out-think other best-in-class machines? Or is there a way of distilling human intelligence into a single line of questioning that distinguishes silicon from gray matter?

And that’s why I just invested in, and joined the board of, Distil Networks. Distil is run by a world class team of machine learning experts whose thinking machines can now distinguish other machines from people with over 99% accuracy. Staples, AOL, Dow Jones, StubHub and many others depend upon Distil’s cloud-based service to immediately eliminate entire classes of attack (and free up all the infrastructure they ran to serve the whims of robotic imposters). The Turing Judge Test has a winner!

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David Cowan, is a partner of BVP, co-founded VeriSign, Defense.Net, and Good Technology, and funded many other cloud security services such as Qualys, Postini and Lifelock. Cowan also now sits on the board of directors at Distil Networks.

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